Floyd's Bar

Floyd's Beef Burger

Better with each bite


Beef Burger and fries


Now with ‘Floyd’s Bites’ menu now a staple of Floyd’s, there has been a new range of food snacks and bites to fill you up, whether your want to stay in or get some delicious food to go!

With the launch of the new menu, Floyd is proud to present the new standout star -  Floyd’s Beef Burger & Fries. The process is not the regular burger, and has a twist on a classic. Made with delicious ground juicy Wagyu beef, and paired perfectly with tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and dill gurken pickles. Whilst the patty may be the show stealer, the blending of flavours are all tried and tested to give you the most gangster experience, where you get to experience ‘only the best’.


Alongside this tasty burger, there are golden crisp shoestring fries which you can either eat separately or you can be a ‘wise guy’ and place a few bad boys in there, to add some additional crunch to a classic.

Customers love to drink and pair the burger and fries combo with an ice cold crisp glass of beer to match. Make sure you get in at our Melbourne Central bar while it’s hot!