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The Negroni - A Brief History About The World's Most Popular Cocktail

How the Negroni rose to prominence to become the worlds most popular cocktail


The Negroni – The bartender’s favourite cocktail

With all the cocktails in the world, there is always a consistent, true winner. One true favourite that stands above all others. When surveyed, the Negroni is commonly picked as the most desired cocktail.

Why you ask……?


The history of the Negroni first started from the Milano Torino cocktail, which only contains two ingredients; Campari and sweet vermouth. The formula? Campari originates from Milano and Sweet vermouth from Torino. 

With the rise in popularity, American tourists flocked to Italy, ordering the drink and subsequently falling in love with the cocktail. With the addition of soda water, this traditional cocktail then transformed into the aptly named, Americano.

Then one day, a historical event took place, an American tourist named Count Negroni ordered an Americano at a bar but asked for Gin instead of soda water. Only a slight change but ended up being a revolution in the history of cocktails. It morphed in to the Negroni, the cocktail that hits all of the senses: herbal, bitter, sweet and spicy all in one delicious drink. 

This completed the taste to revolutionise and become the perfect cocktail. 

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